Tibetan Pendant, Boho Jewelry, Gypsy Statement Vintage Inspired Tribal Necklace,bohemian Necklace Jewelry

Price: 35.00
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Jewelry Code: APA-3Q0YN542
Tibetan Boho Pendant For Women Jewelry
Gemstone : Coral , Turquoise
Weight : Approx-32 gram
Pendant Size- Approx-44x72mm
  1. Large Ethnic Pendant,
  2. Tibetan Statement
  3. Tibetan jewelry
  4. Tibetan Statement
  5. ethnic pendant
  6. tribal pendant
  7. tribal necklace
  8. Tribal jewelry
  9. gypsy jewelry
  10. bohemian pendant
  11. gypsy pendant
  12. vintage necklace


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